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Possessions control our behavior. Behaviors displays character. It is very important to understand the dynamics of possessions and its effects in our life. Possessions change from time to time, but we can classify them into three major aspects ┬áhuman possessions – possession over certain person(a strong sense of attachment), habitual possessions – possession over few habits or practices(a source of hobby, addiction or passion), and finally material possession – attachment over things (drawing pleasure out of materiel consumption).

People do not address their way of living in terms of these three categories. If you are try to improve your lifestyle and get over a few things to up the experience, a vivid perception over your possessions is necessary.


This is an interesting subject to think about. You can consider the people you already are in relationship with or someone who you want to get close with. Whoever it may be they certainly do have a large influence on how you behave when they are around or not. Honestly, if you feel the person you are trying to establish a connection with is forcing you to alter your natural flow, it might not be the right possession and sub consciously you are forcing yourself to becoming someone else apart form you in order to attain your goal.


Naturally we are after pleasure of any kind. It is really rare or nearly impossible to find some one who intentionally is after pain. Habits we develop, comes in handy to drive us towards the pleasures. In course we develop good habits, bad habits, hobbies, rituals etc. Categorizing the habits and thoroughly examining if it is progressive or not is essential to decide what is good and not good for your situation.


Material possession influences the way we behave too. If not the term “rich behavior” wont make any sense. Being conscious on your needs and wants is important. Consuming excessively only makes you lost in the unclear thoughts through distraction. Minimalism is something I insist people to follow in order to get started with taking control over their material possessions. Read more on minimalism.

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