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Patience is the hardest thing to learn, because you need patience to learn it.

Now patienly try to read the below body of text to understand what I am trying to do. And don’t forget to remember the title as you read this article.

“In this piece of literature, I am not evangelizing the idea that “god is just a concept”. I am not taking stands on admitting to the question “Does god exist?” I am an agnostic who stands neutral and takes his time to analyse the situation before coming to a conclusion. And as an agnostic it my duty to defend all agnostics. I feel thinking as an equivalent of writing, I thereby by write (think) about myself, about surroundings, about life and existence and about universe of infinite possibilities in the next fraction of time (livetheinfinity).

Pardon me to liberally take the identity of an agnostic and speak for them to gain attention among the readers of internet. I am just a consciousness talking about the art of life. How at various dimensions various entities interact to create a spectrum of drama that we call ‘memories’. Languages, and words too were created for easing the sharing of information but what use? These fellow humans have only focused on using it to swear other and spread negativity in the system.

There can only be two states: negative and positive, you are either this or that. That’s the energies of ions. Right? The fundamental part of life. Therefore the universe must be made of duality. Right? Wrong! If that was true everything in life must just have been duality. Yes. No. 1. 0. In. Out. Right. Wrong. Good. Bad. But it is more convoluted than that, especially for humans, thinking and making decision is a byzantine process and it gets worse as time proceeds (there is a reason why I used the word ‘proceeds’ here).

When a human starts analysing things and manages to put his complete focus on one thing, he is able to achieve it. And vice versa also happens. But he got distracted because he started putting effort into doing what he wanted to do. Shouldn’t he be appreciated for that? Think harder. Where is this article going? You started reading this article like you knew what you are and what you are doing. But the reality is – you don’t know shit. You, me, we are all in this piece of body with colour, dimensions and other form of physical constraints. What are we as consciousness doing here? Are we a part of bigger civilization that these unrealized humans call aliens? Are we erased of other memories and are limited to the capacity we have currently. What is this hardware called brain and how did it get created. Where is it taking us? Or should I ask where they are taking us.

As different consciousnesses we are to think together, imagine together of the possibilities of future and interestingly possibilities of what the past might be. Imagination is insightful. Yet those are the things unimaginable that gets noticed all the time. Didn’t we notice the universe such an unimaginable creation. Why? We appreciate creativity (a process of creating something unimaginable to awe the audience). And people of creative living seem to have understood god. They seem to have understood the design atleast. They are able to pour out continous flow of thoughts from the brain through the soul and express in different forms on the physical world. Aren’t these people artists? Should we call that creation the god? The creation (GOD) that would have created such an awesome creation (HUMAN) that creates other creations (for example: AI). Thus, god itself must be a creation, created by a creator. And this loop keeps on going infinitely that’s why it is essential to livetheinfinity to understand the concept of god.”

–That was the writer’s reply to the thought “if god was a concept?”

Read the whole body of text again. This time read it slowly and notice how the narrative jumps from one form to other. From human to consciousness and further deeper. Continue reading once you have fully caught hold of the above passage. This is an essay comprising tools that expert writers use, being demonstrated for free.

This feeling of having multi-layered identification is called the consciousness. How much ever you dive deeper it goes even further. This is what the yogi’s of ancient Indian culture calls the “chitha”. It is when this chitha is attained, one gets to peak of awareness that you are able to see things as it is. Perceive it as it is in the crudest form. To understand what is happening to you, to understand why you are played with these thoughts you need to understand how they (the thoughts) function. Could you ever notice the origin of thoughts or be conscious of its death? The answer is ‘no’. We need practice to distance ourselves from thoughts and observe it but remember that the original point of doing this is to see if god is in the thought that exists in us. Imagine – “you are assertive that you are being controlled from inside and you are therefore moving further and further inside to find the answer.” And once you move inward too much. You crave for more experiences and embark in the endless journey of putting EFFORT to realise the GOD. And that is why you need to read my next article on EFFORT!

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This is a journey that is subsisting over several months of deep thinking. This even required some sessions of deep meditation to traverse through the abyss of thoughts and witness the origin – the singularity of consciousness. A point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space–time when the matter is infinitely dense, or in other words, when matter becomes anti-matter. Matter and anti-matter are just two states in duality and duality is perpetual. It constantly ensures of its shift from one form to another and repeats itself with/without external influence. What I learn from what I witness is what follows.

If you are interested and keen to read the rest of this article, you are probably into mediation too, or you have a longing to learn why your mind behaves the way it behaves. To answer all your questions, to feed your curiosity, and leave you most satisfied. There is only one word I need to tell you and that is: “meditate”. This is not theoretical lesson and knowing the theory is not going to solve your problems and help you grow. It educates you, but nothing more. Remember this essay is an medium of transmission of information to initiate your empirical journey towards transcendence and to help you heal. I am not going to ask you to close your eyes now, because doing so, you won’t be able to read what to do next.

Coming back to what I learn through meditation, I must say first, patience. “Patience is the hardest thing to learn because, you need patience to learn it”. A paradox every monk fights through to progress towards blissful living. You have to live through the seconds of time, one by one just by doing nothing but living through the seconds. This shows how hard it could get, and how much we as humans are vulnerable towards getting overwhelmed by actually doing nothing. Again, do not get overwhelmed by questions that arises about this point. Patience has to be embraced and you must become it. You are patience and that is when you see progress.

Waiting up next eagerly to receive you is, fear. Fear of what is happening to me, is this supposed to happen, am I okay? This not only tests you of your emotional stability but also tests the equilibrium of thoughts that you are supposed to maintain. You need to balance out your thoughts. None of the thoughts should get too heavy to get noticed by your consciousness, or otherwise you need to begin telling the consciousness not to focus on it. But wait, when your consciousness is focusing on it (the thought), what kind of consciousness asks it (your consciousness) not to focus on the thought! Welcome to sub-consciousness.

Speaking of sub-consciousness, the popular movie Inception was a movie based on sub-consciousness and not dreams. Sub-consciousness is the part inside you that you are not aware of, unless educated about. The modern world tech-scientists naively talk about convolutions of creating a consciousness inside artificial intelligence, acting like they never felt intriguied about the challenges in understanding the intricacies of sub-consciousness. Sub-consciousness is the state when your dream takes control of you. In other words for stoners, this is when you get too high to fall asleep, and that is when your sub-conscious is jumping on a trampoline. Now, we are all asleep and only we at a sub-conscious level know what we are doing.

Whatever happens here, happens for a reason, is what was presumably told by philosophers, thinkers, yogis, monks, sages, pundits and thought-provokingly (~I could have used interestingly here~) even writers. Now, you need to realise that your conscious mind provokes thoughts on interesting things only. But where does rest of the data go. All the data captured in form of video, audio and emotion goes into a system of memory that is accessible only by sub-conscious mind according to spiritual Vedic of Hinduism. This data is retrieved and played to you in jumbled manner to create themes such as fear, happiness, sadness, guilt, concern, attachment, detachment etc.

Now post the sub-conscious journey you will be led to a further deeper state the astral state. Some call it as the Astral Projection (AP). This can state can be visited by practicing meditation with great dedication and wholeheartedness. You just have to sit down for fifteen to twenty minutes every day and do nothing but breathing. Do this for 3 weeks continuously and you will see changes. You will just have to focus and jump to different states going deeper and deeper to witness the singularity. Things are about to get a little technical. Everyone usually likes to jump right into projection, which is not a bad thing to do. Jumping right in will introduce you more quickly to obstacles, both positive and negative, that you may face when wandering either here in the physical plane, the astral plane, or the other planes of higher density available to the soul. However, starting from the bottom and learning the basics will better prepare you to overcome such obstacles if you ever face them.

Focus is really imperative to AP. Before even raising your vibrations, you should begin restructuring your thought process into something more self-controlled and concentrated. More focused and true-to-self. I say this because people often times have “bad trips” in the astral plane especially and more often than not, they aren’t aware that the overwhelming majority of the negatives associated with projection is caused by fear and other negative emotions that they were unable to control. “Think” more with the heart, rather than the brain because emotion is the language of the soul, so to speak. It is how the soul expresses itself through the shell we know as the human body.

Take some time to clear your thoughts through meditation before raising your vibrations and exteriorizing. The pineal gland area is what most people refer to as the “Third Eye.” This is arguably the most important gland in the human body, as it is the direct interface between the soul and its human body. After clearing your thoughts, you may want to focus on first beginning to fully open your Third Eye, albeit in small increments, as the pressures one feels on the forehead area are associated with the vast ethereal energy information that you have begun to take in and it can be quite overwhelming.



I haven’t been posting much on this website for a while, and the writer in me has been on a long sabbatical due to his personal reasons. Howbeit, my internet activity had not fallen be it in terms of active using of social media or time spent browsing and I have researched on a myriad of topics that might intrigue any of my regular readers or frequent trespassers that visit this blog for friendship-sake. Lately I have meditated a lot and that is why you see this article. I have stepped across few things in life that has kindled a mind boggling journey with respect to my love for art and expressive living.

You will see a change in the writing style in the articles to come. The blog is old enough to say that this needs be taken more seriously among the readers. And the articles coming up here will do justice to that sentence. The posts forthcoming will be of critical thinking on:

  • the birth and nurturing of ideas
  • emotional intelligence
  • importance of change

I have maintained this website for about 5 years now, I have been through the journey that this site and my content (my thoughts) has been through. I usually get this question a lot: “why do you think so much? stop over thinking!”. But only the freethinkers know the pleasure of doing it. I have been thinking about something lately … I will let you know of that soon with my next post. If you liked this post and is looking forward to many other post like this from me, please hit the like button and follow me on wordpress.


We lose track of time, we procrastinate. Or we have enough time, but not the right ideas/ thoughts to work on, in order to come up with a creative solution. Or when we have the time and the idea to we lack discipline/ effort to get it done. We are highly prone to missing out the best possible result because of our inability to calibrate and intelligently handle the three vital systems. Time. Thoughts. And Action.

What is live.the.infinity? – This is a name given for an idea, an idea that pronounces a new way of viewing the time we are provided with, the thoughts we generate during that time and actions we engage into as a resultant of the thoughts. Simple right? So this idea of “live.the.infinity” turned into a blog where I can publish and share the incubated thoughts on various topics like: habits, routines, practices, projects, values/morals and more ideas, that is essential for anyone’s well-being. Might sound philosophical, it is more intellectual-philosophical.

So, what is not live.the.infinity? It is not an end to end travel blog, it is not an self-help junction, and definitely not a personal blog. But if you intend to see this blog as any one of the aforementioned, you might find some glimpses.

The idea of live.the.infinity is pictorially represented below. Imagine time, thoughts and action are three Cartesian axes. This Cartesian system will be the closest representation to our consciousness.

Time and Thoughts

Over the plain of time and thoughts we generate creative ideas, this is where all the knowledge we have gathered over past start to interplay giving us sparking ideas.

Time and Action

Over the plain of time and action we build discipline, just like how doing something without having thought about it won’t make sense, thinking about something for a long time and not acting on it won’t make sense either. I cannot stress more on how important “taking action” is. We build our discipline in this plain where over time we take actions and build habits that becomes drivers of change.

Thoughts and Action

Over the plain of thoughts and action project our character. What we think and do makes who we are. At any given point any person should be very conscious about where they stand with respect to these three axis. Do we use our time efficiently? Do we do the right things to get things moving, to accomplish goals, are we thinking the right way about important things that matter to us and others.

By practicing this, we become conscious about our time, thoughts and actions. There by build a better perception to make bigger things, or improve ourselves through personal projects. And that my friends, is live.the.infinity.

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