This is a blog that has evolved in 3 different stages over 5 years of time. Every stage of transformation is vital and synchronous with an understanding that I developed over things that has happened in my life. And the story goes like this.

Stage I

It all started when I got into an argument with my refuting friend about how predictable I am. It was tortuous, as all these days brought up being said that I am unpredictable and the sudden conclusion of “me being predictable” felt like my thought process was setting itself up to the routine and I no more stand out with my thoughts like I use to.

I started a blog just to make people ask the right questions.

Stage II

Let me tell you on how I related the evolution of my thinking with an Hindu-istic example. My grandmother a devotee of “almost all Hindu gods” once said to me that the avatars of lord Vishnu charts the same course as evolution. First we have the fish (matsya), then the turtle (kurma), then the boar (varaha), then the part human predator (nara-simha), then come the human forms of Vishnu. Though every form of Vishnu has its individualism, the human form is quiet unique. The human side seeks control over the ecosystem. In fact every human is unique with their way of thinking and ideology.

It is imminent that the human brain at any time stated is unpredictable. I, unpredictably (just like the very human nature) transformed this blog to organize and unburden myself form the uncertainty and chaotic thoughts that flicker at the beginning and leaves backs a deep mark eventually. 3 years went past in a nick of time at this stage and I developed a lot of content and had eventually got trapped with the content itself.

I call this the content trap. I realized that there is a lot of effort going in to the framework of my blog and the content in it, but there was no effective connect with the audience. I had not identified my audience properly. Meanwhile, I went through a breakdown and had burned out of all the gas to maintain the blog.

Stage III

An year later this blog had taught me enough on creative writing, blogging and lot more on how different ideas interact. After an year of “corporate life”, my perception changes. The way I see things changes, thus what I see changes. I start to explore and ask many questions. People identify me as a “not so normal” person. My hunger for meaning became voracious and I had figured out different forms of inputs for my thoughts to fuel upon. This was the right time to bring back the blog from ashes like a phoenix.

Now I stand here manifesting that here you will see all sorts of content that storms my mind over time, thoughts and action aiming to reach ultimate ecstasy through living life profoundly.

To conclude:

This will be a platform for learners, people who experiment and people who are after the storms trying to drive change for the better.

Life is all about exchange of Ideas. Please send your suggestion. Happy to hear from you.

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