Hi, I’m Naveen.

Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and lived there for close to 20 years, until I moved to Bangalore, Karnataka in 2016.

I wasn’t a anything I am now, until I was. In late 2014, after a few intense moments, I started questioning everything. That’s when I discovered livetheinfinity. It was a beacon in the darkest of nights.

I’m always on a pursuit to become a Stoic, I like to conduct stoical experiments from time to time but I keep myself within limits—like living without Internet at home, no phone during the work hours, an year without impulse driven material possessions etc.

I’m a minimalist, I live only with things that I feel is most essential for living. I like the idea of minimalism very much. You will find me talk about minimalism more.

I have a college degree in Civil Engineering. I did that for the love I have for geometry. However I am working as a part of the corporate world [ irrelevant to my bachelors ] like many. I am a data scientist by profession. Apart my work I do a bunch of other things.


  • Deep thinking
  • Personal projects [Check Projects]
  • Practicing creativity [Music/Art/Dance]

As an ambivert. I used to be a very private person. Then I discovered Facebook. Now I’m a little too giddy about my especially minimal Facebook handle: naveen virinchi.