In one sentence, live.the.infinity is a young blog that entertains think tanks through articles, podcasts, projects and experiments on ideas, tools, techniques and habits one can use to be their most creative, productive self and live as profoundly as possible.

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This blog is built based on the belief that there are three infinite aspects that control the way the human system works. Time. Thoughts. Action. Here we explore on how to improve the way we function, may it be through managing time well, having the right approach of developing good thoughts or taking action at the right time the right way.

Below you find a gist of different sections that you can find on this blog, and how you can use this blog.


This is an intellectual playground where different entities come together interact and create beautiful ideas. A chamber of absolute intellectual pleasure. You will see interesting perceptions of mediocre things in life. Because here you will see that, when you change the way you see things, the things you see change.


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