We lose track of time, we procrastinate. Or we have enough time, but not the right ideas/ thoughts to work on, in order to come up with a creative solution. Or when we have the time and the idea to we lack discipline/ effort to get it done. We are highly prone to missing out the best possible result because of our inability to calibrate and intelligently handle the three vital systems. Time. Thoughts. And Action.

What is live.the.infinity? – This is a name given for an idea, an idea that pronounces a new way of viewing the time we are provided with, the thoughts we generate during that time and actions we engage into as a resultant of the thoughts. Simple right? So this idea of “live.the.infinity” turned into a blog where I can publish and share the incubated thoughts on various topics like: habits, routines, practices, projects, values/morals and more ideas, that is essential for anyone’s well-being. Might sound philosophical, it is more intellectual-philosophical.

So, what is not live.the.infinity? It is not an end to end travel blog, it is not an self-help junction, and definitely not a personal blog. But if you intend to see this blog as any one of the aforementioned, you might find some glimpses.

The idea of live.the.infinity is pictorially represented below. Imagine time, thoughts and action are three Cartesian axes. This Cartesian system will be the closest representation to our consciousness.

Time and Thoughts

Over the plain of time and thoughts we generate creative ideas, this is where all the knowledge we have gathered over past start to interplay giving us sparking ideas.

Time and Action

Over the plain of time and action we build discipline, just like how doing something without having thought about it won’t make sense, thinking about something for a long time and not acting on it won’t make sense either. I cannot stress more on how important “taking action” is. We build our discipline in this plain where over time we take actions and build habits that becomes drivers of change.

Thoughts and Action

Over the plain of thoughts and action project our character. What we think and do makes who we are. At any given point any person should be very conscious about where they stand with respect to these three axis. Do we use our time efficiently? Do we do the right things to get things moving, to accomplish goals, are we thinking the right way about important things that matter to us and others.

By practicing this, we become conscious about our time, thoughts and actions. There by build a better perception to make bigger things, or improve ourselves through personal projects. And that my friends, is live.the.infinity.

It was way too hard for me to manage to get a decent 6 hours of sleep everyday to make this experiment possible. I had to push myself at work in order to be back at home in my bed at 10.30 pm sharp for my 6 hours sleep cycle. Waking up at 4.30 am bought me 4 hours additional time over what I usually had. I did the above for one week continuously and have shared my results below.

Here are some things that I managed to note down from my daily activity as I woke up really early in the morning:

More time added to the routine –

The obvious fact is that you get to add more hours to you active awake time. This give you a advantage over others, since you have more time naturally you tend perform better and produce more results than others.

It gives you a psychological edge –

You are already awake and engaged in some kind of activity early in the morning while others are sleeping. This, psychologically had an impact in me i.e, I felt like I am already ahead of others.

You can plan your days better

I am a sort of person who would want to plan my days the previous day before I go to sleep. But waking up early helped me finish those personal (blog/exercise/books) tasks at hand very soon and plan for the other tasks efficiently and quickly.

You have more active hours than usual throughout the day-

The days I woke up early were not only long but very much alive. The energy level was very high. I was fresh enough to give an aptitude test before I slept and still managed to score well in it. Really, I am not kidding, I tested this out one day out of curiosity.

You can set a healthy morning routine – 

Of all the perks that I could get, this will definitely be the favorite. As a busy person stuck with so much to do back at work, I usually find it hard to spend an hour in the gym. Waking up early got me this precious time to set my own morning ritual. This was essential for Project 1200. I exercise by going to gym + books (3 hours) and cycling 60km (3 hours) on alternate days.

Arrive office before colleagues do – 

This one is a valuable hack. I get an hour of absolute calmness in my office and can patiently look at the tasks at hand to plan my day better. In fact the preparation part of my work takes some time. The execution is often a streamlined process. I work as a data scientist, and deal with a lot of coding, this quite hour helps me plan my tasks and helps me tackle the challenges well.


I feel more energetic, smart and alive on days in which I wake up really early.

I have decided to plan my days accordingly that I get 6 hours of sleep from previous night. The time I wake up in the morning depends on the time go to sleep for the previous night.

Following these simple steps weren’t really hard and worked for me well.

What to Do When You Get Up

First, things not to do with your newfound early-morning time: don’t check email, news, social media, blogs. Don’t waste this new time doing the same thing you always do.

Here are some other things that are better, in my experience:

  1. Drink a glass of water. You’re dehydrated from not drinking any water all night. Drink a full glass of water if you can. It’ll make you feel more awake.
  2. Meditate. Even just for 3 minutes. It’s such a great way to start your day — doing nothing, just sitting, and practicing mindful focus.
  3. Write. Or do some other kind of creating.
  4. Exercise. Go for a walk or a run, or do a home workout.
  5. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Either one of these makes the morning better.

Sleeping Earlier – Learning

You can’t just wake up earlier and not sleep earlier. You’ll eventually crash. So here are some tips for getting to sleep earlier:

  1. Set a bedtime of 7-8.5 hours before you want to wake up. So if you’re waking up at 5.30 a.m., go to bed between 10:30-11 p.m. Where you are in that time frame depends on how much sleep you need. Most people need about 7.5-8 hours of sleep, though there are lots of variations. I tend to get about 6.
  2. Create a bedtime ritual. I like to  clean up a little (it’s nice to wake up to a clean house). Then I read myself to sleep.
  3. No computers in bed. That means no laptop, no tablets, no mobile phones. Kindles are OK. No TV either. Just reading.
  4. Exercise helps a lot earlier in the day. It gets your body nice and tired, so you’ll sleep better. Don’t exercise an hour or less before bed, or you’ll be pumped up.
  5. Try this method if you have trouble sleeping: close your eyes and get comfortable, then think of the first thing you did that morning — the very first thing, like turning off your alarm. Then think of the next thing, and so on, replaying your morning in as much detail as possible. I never get to mid-morning.

Equipment List

Modify the following list depending on your personal needs and past experiences. Keep in mind that you generally won’t need any more gear for a hundred-day tour than for a fourteen-day tour. This is what we have needed so far on Indian roads for short trips.

On-the-bike Clothing

  • Cycling helmet
  • Touring shoes — good for walking as well as riding, i.e. some flex in the sole
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling shorts (1 to 3 pair)
  • Socks — wool ]c (2 or 3 pair)
  • Leg warmers or tights for riding (rain pants could substitute)
  • Short-sleeved shirts (2)
  • Light, long-sleeved shirt for layering and sun protection
  • Rain gear, jacket and pants

Off-the-bike Clothing

  • Comfortable shorts
  • Underwear (1 to 3 pair)
  • Sandals, flip-flops, or lightweight shoes
  • Hat/ Cap
  • Rain Coat/ Sweater (depends on the season)


  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Pocket knife or multi-tool
  • Lightweight lock and cable
  • Water carrying bladders or containers – at least 650ml
  • Basic first-aid kit with emergency numbers
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunblock
  • Camera and journal (optional)
  • Bear spray and cords to hang bags

Tools and Spare Parts

  • Tire levers/ patch kit
  • Spare tube (and tire, depending on the trip)
  • Mini-pump
  • Electrical tape
  • Spoke wrench
  • Spare spokes sized for your bike’s wheels
  • Allen wrenches
  • Screwdriver
  • Chain tool (or substitute a good multi-tool for this, allen wrenches, and screwdrivers)
  • Brake cable
  • Extra nuts, bolts, and wire (particularly for racks)
  • Assorted plastic zip ties
  • Bicycle light (optional)
  • Rearview mirror (optional)
  • Hoseclamp
  • Spare brake pads
  • Spare clipless-pedal-cleat bolts
  • Duct tape


  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Ground cloth
  • Personal eating utensils (fork, spoon, cup, bowl)
  • Stove (optional)
  • Cooking equipment (Small pots and pans – optional)
  • Boxes (to carry food if excess)

This is an experiment that spanned for about two months in which I tried to follow a few principles of Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club, because I got inspired by this character, and I had an interesting idea to experiment with. If you have seen this 1999 epic movie you would have probably fell in love with the Tyler Durden character, which is claimed to be one of the coolest characters in history of Hollywood.

This experiment was divided into two phases, first month I looked ugly the aim was to build a geeky image whose priorities where clearly not to make friends. It wasn’t hard since I had to make minor alteration to my looks but not much to my social behavior. The second was to embrace the “Tyler Durden” part in me, getting the facial looks were easy, developing the physical appearance and faking my attitude was a task.

Spoiler alert! In case you haven’t see the movie, stop reading now and continue after watching the fantastic film.

Gist of what happens in the movie – The unnamed narrator in this movie can sleep only by leaching off those around him or had to tap into his primitive side. When both doesn’t work he created a whole new persona “Tyler Durden”. Initially the narrator becomes hateful. This was because the character Tyler Durden dehumanizes and focuses on self-reliance and emotional distance. That’s was why the training to get into Project Mayhem was designed in that manner. The followers try to define themselves by being nothing.

Here the unnamed narrator turns into something (Tyler Durden) who was exactly the opposite of all that he is/ was. I could easily draw parallels between myself and the unnamed protagonist. Just like him I try to control too many things around me. I was a compulsive consumer, but have taken up minimalism recently and actively following it. I have had bad days that seemed faded and days in which I craved for some sort of love through relationship. It all hit me during the car scene that at some point anyone who is dissatisfied with who they are might want to change in to someone different (entirely opposite) who they are willing to be. But there comes some skepticism if the society will accept them in that form. When you go past the internal resistance you start to follow a fake it till you make it strategy.

Here is what I did to define the Tyler Durden in me, the result of this experiment was an absolute shame –

I started letting go of the control that I had over things. It was hard at the beginning but eventually I got an hang of it. It helped me differentiate fear from danger. Danger is real, fear isn’t. And to better phrase it. I realized that I was suffering not from the actual event but from my judgement of the actual events.

I could not control the reality but I could very control my judgments – the way I perceive the reality. The first time you start late to catch a flight you might be worried about making it to the airport on time to catch the flight. This can repeat the second time as well, may be the third time too. But what about the tenth time. I get used to this feeling and wouldn’t spend energy worrying about it, rather you would spend time thinking clearly on how not to miss it. You will not be carried away by the moments emotion. You get to think clearly and react better at that incident.

I wanted to change my appearance. I conducted a social experiment by keeping my appearance really unattractive (I look the geekiest I could look like), I observed and learnt a lot which I have shared here. But beyond that my next transformation was similar to Tyler Durden (both in terms of appearance and social behavior). I put in little effort like, I started going to gym, followed “Tyler Durden” diet from some YouTube videos and changed my facial hairstyle. Something really interesting happened, people started recognizing the change and complimented the new look suited me well. This is when I realized the “POWER OF LIKABILITY”. It has become necessary nowadays that to fit into the likable category among people we had to be look-conscious. If you do not take basic care of how you look, it is considered abnormal behavior. Everyone wants to look to their best to be likable and attractive. Some say they want to look at their best since they love themselves.

During this phase of change, I felt some authority. People were more receptive compared to the uglier version. I got a kick out of it and started embracing this change. My intention was simple, through this experiment I wanted to prove my point that people give more importance and build relationships based on looks of others rather than values and principles.  This point turned out to be true and Tyler Durden was just a tool I used to prove this point. I earned more friends being ruthless Tyler Durden. But they were all superficial.

Point proved. What next?

I continue to retain the looks but not the detrimental values. I am developing better values on top of what moral I had already developed. Currently I am reading Sam Harris’ “The Moral Landscape” and developing interesting perspective, which I will be sharing soon. Listening to his being good, and doing good podcast  with Scottish philosopher William MacAskill was eye opening as well.

I see society is shifting towards building relationships based on momentary pleasure and satisfaction – a kind of instant gratification. Is this why I come across so many people complaining that their friends are all superficial friends and are not able to make trust worthy long term relationships?


Any smart person should understand that looks can be used as instrument that gives you the power of being likable.



Being nourished includes everything that surrounds us and how we connect with nature through our food choices and the exercise we do. It is how we care for it while we cook and eat that makes a difference in how we experience food and other physical activity.


Why are we eating? When we are eating to lose weight, we tend to eat from counting calories perspective and we don’t consider nourishment. What is it about the mindset of losing weight that seems like it should be hard and painful?

The food culture these days is all about pleasure, people get blinded by entertainment over nourishment, but we forget that pleasure is more than what pleases our taste-buds.  We are unique individuals with different bodies. To embrace that is what nourishes us from a life-style perspective.

Instead of eating from the dieting mentality of what I cannot have and should/should not eat, I eat based on what nourishes my body, which is more about how food makes me feel, and for that matter how my mind and soul feel, as well.

  1. Get your sleep. If there is one thing we know by now about health, it is that sleep is one of the most important factors for anything from inflammation, hormonal balances, weight issues, cravings, and erratic eating habits.
  2. Start the morning with water. Hot water with raw honey is very soothing in the winter and helps boost your immune system, but also gives you that sweetness that we often look for in our breakfast meals. Sweetness also opens up the liver in the morning, which is when you want to “activate” your liver energy, which helps you feels ready for the day instead of sluggish. Most want that cup of coffee to get started, but try water. You might be surprised. Wait to have your caffeine until after you eat.
  3. Eat a good lunch and choose foods that are substantial. For example, if you pick up your lunch and normally get a salad, then change it up with a “salad” that is based on vegetables and with good fats/ proteins from chicken, not just greens. You need a lot of good fiber and fat to feel full. Many under eat at lunch and go for the snacks by 4pm.
  4. Think real food for snacks. One of my favorites is to have egg white or a sandwich, instead of a cookie and tea.
  5. Keep it simple for dinner when you are not at a dinner party. Protein and something green, like vegetables. Dinner is when you want to eat light (half stomach full) so you can get your body ready for sleep and allow your system to recover overnight instead of digesting.
  6. If you cannot get to your normal exercise routines, get outside for walks, cycling. Some fresh air, big breathing and simple movements can hold you over without turning into a sluggish couch-potato.

I additionally learned to resist the impulse to eat fast food when I head out with friends. This keeps me away from taking in too much bad fat/ unwanted calories. These habits came in very handy with my weight cutting diet for Project 1200km.

If you have been following the post. You be informed the I am planning to hit the road this December along with my friend and cycle for 1200km as a test of endurance and feed for newer experiences.

But now that is one big scary task to finish. We started freaking out when we realized we had only 3 months to train. So, here’s is what we are doing. First thing first, we already have cycles so we just hopped on and started pedaling. Apart from cycling they are a couple of things we have to take care of. If you see cycling as a sport, as per many long distance travelers,you need not train a lot. You stamina improves as you keep cycling day over day. But the challenge we have to face was to pedal 100km each day consistently without lag. Along with cycling we also have to take care of our diet, sleep and little bit of our knowledge about our cycles and filming (since we were planning to vlog out way through the journey).

So we split the preparation in to three sub-tasks.

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Stamina

We have to increase the protein in our intake along with little bit of carbs. We have to take carbs in order to burn them and use carbs as fuel during our cycling. That’s lot of protein related food like: eggs, milk, protein shakes, nuts (almonds, cashews etc.) and stuff like tofu. We majorly got carbs from rice and rotis.

We strictly have to cut any kind of extreme sugar, salt or spice. Since this will cause insulin hikes and trigger hunger for more. We shouldn’t end up eating more than what our body needs. I also practice intermittent fasting one day in a week, which will trigger “ketosis” to burn up the fat in the body and make it use fat as a source of energy. We have to keep our body very much hydrated to keep it functional. Remember fasting means no food. And no food mean no coffee, no expresso, no snacks, no fruits. Only water intake allowed for hydration.

This sort of strict diet helps me cut my weight from 60kg to 55 kg in a month and helps me burn all unwanted fat.


We not only have to plan our sleep cycles. We also have to develop some good habits around it. First thing we change was to plan our next days before we got to sleep the previous day. This seems easy thing to do. But people do not realize how much energy your brain consumes in order to plan the day ahead. All this planning should not consume the valuable time you have at the staring of your day. So, we plan what we do the next day, it could be normal planning like what am I going to work on tomorrow of that sort. During the trip it will be about the trip itself.

Apart from that we must sleep half stomach full and need to get 7 to 8 hrs a day. Half full stomach because while your body is resting your digestive system shouldn’t be busy burning all the food you load. This will only make you more tired when you wake up. 7 hrs of sleep for the cognitive rebooting. This freshens up your mind and improves the memory. Moreover you get good rest.


Most cyclist have strong legs, but very thin upper body. This is because there absolutely no exercise for the upper body when you cycle. We need to take care of this because we do not want to end up in a situation where my legs could do a 50 more kilometers but my arms. neck and back starts to ache. This requires good food. Food for nourishment and exercise. So, we hit the gym on alternate days doing some weight lifting for back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. This kinda got myself ripped. Read more on how I got my body ripped and look more sexier.

Apart from the above three aspects of preparation we have smaller tasks on our plate. Auro (my friend) takes care of the filming part. He started studying photography, film making and story boarding. I did all the planning like where we head each day, how much we complete day over day. At what places to rest and eat. I also have to take care of “know hows” of maintaining cycles. I am almost a good cycle mechanic now.

We have two more months of training and we will hit the road. We ride for 100kms on alternate days (the days we don’t hit the gym). You will be reading more on this as we keep training for this epic journey.

It is not a very common thing for someone to say that they are going to take two weeks off from work and pedal for 1200 km. But I did. Here’s why.

Firstly, let me state clearly that I am neither a professional cyclist, nor a daredevil who frequently hits the road pedaling long distances in cycles. I am a human being with average fitness like any other person who has a 9 to 5 job. I have started going to the gym recently but haven’t been going for a long time before the planning for this trip started. My cardio and physical performance are very below any athlete.

Why did such a thought hit me?

I recollect my grandpa telling me that days fly by in no time. He mentioned the he still remembers when I was 5 years old sitting on his lap playing with homemade toy that he makes for me out of coconut leaf, and all of sudden everything has be fast forwarded and now I am 22 working far away from him. I am sure many others feel the same way when they look back at the past times. Do you feel your school days were fun and had got ended in no time. This is primarily because we get used to “the routine”.

At the beginning, our brain is learning new things trying to figure out how everything in this world works. It is curious, you are on a learning phase exploring things surrounding you. That is the reason why we are more curious when we are young, and this curiosity dies as we grow. People who try to keep this childlike curiosity alive in them get to taste different flavors of life. We tend to learn how different things function, we learn how to make a living in competitive environment, there by we set ourselves in to a comfortable routine and stick to it. Over time we learn how to get grades in schools, we learn how to earn money and make a living. As we set “the routine” to ourselves we put our minds into an auto-pilot mode and it does not pay attention of vital things like time, and it skips attention to details. We just live through time not noticing the value of time.

This why many people recommend to take a vacation when you feel your are stuck with your life. And this is the reason why we take periodic vacations. It refreshes our brain system and gets if off the routine. It is when you escape “the routine” you start to notice smaller things in life. Make room for fresh thoughts that enrich the mind space. Once you start developing a fresh space in your mind. You automatically start making connection between things you have learnt in life. This will in turn improve/ modify the way you perceive things.

I too started thinking that I haven’t done anything interesting in the past one year since I started working. That’s I planned along with my friend/ colleague to cycle for 1200km. This is going to be a bike packing ride, we will be covering 100km a day staying on the road sides. We have been training for it for the past one and half months. We are embarking in this journey on third week of December 2017 and will be on road for 2 straight weeks.

Read more about the specifics of our cycling trip. Also read more on how we are  training and how I managed to do some weight cutting for this trip. You can find more article on devolving discipline for practice with example of hurdles we faced during the training and how we managed to overcome it.


Have you been in a position where suddenly people are completely dependent on you? A overwhelming feeling of fear and self doubt. This sudden pressure, stress it causes. We call it responsibility.

Yeah the responsibility to take care of the people surrounding you, your family and friends, sometimes even the society. It’s tedious take care of people around you, often we wanna be the ones to be taken care of and not the responsible one. Being responsible is sometimes seen equivalent to being burdened with additional pressure that occupies your mental space. You want to give that burden to the person next to you, make him responsible. It’s like passing a ticking bomb to the next person, if you delay you might get blown. Nobody wants to be responsible. Why? Fear of failure. Fear that we will fail the trust that we have built with out relationships.

What if the team losses under your captaincy? What if a decision you take leads your company to failure? What if you fail to take care of the person near you?

This occurs because we are used to be on the other side of the line. We seek help we don’t deliver it. We feel vulnerable and doubted. This is because we haven’t imagined ourselves as heroes, responsible heroes.

Flood affected people waiting at the night time for getting rations

We could not have made this world a better place to live together if Martin Luther King hadn’t felt responsible. I have felt scared, shy, reserved and inferior at many times.

Lately things have changed I pushed my self beyond limits and when I look back it amazes me. I had stepped forward to do several things. I served to help the flood affected slum people by delivering food packets and survival kits in remote places. I think there no necessity to brag about it yet I feel proud and motivated when I think of those sleepless nights and tiring speeches.

That’s me along with my friends from an non profit org serving the flood affected rural people

My confidence has developed. I take up blame for my mistakes and that of my teams’ and I deliver better result eventually.

Initially it is this effrontery and audacity that develops the belief in people. This belief creates value. The value integrates. Change happens. Being responsible seems scary at the beginning but you soon get an hang of it. People respect you.

I was skeptical and overwhelmed when the first thought this article stroke my mind. I have no knowledge, no perspective to comprehend the feelings of elderly people. This is just an attempt to express the emotions that I share with my great grandmother.

Most of you would have already gone to a mind-set of how this article is gonna be, an affectionate, lovable figures of expressions of her pampering me. It is not so.

Long story short: I was a notorious boy then, she use care for me, sometimes beat me, scold me other times flatter me with kindness and kisses. A lady I would never break up with.

Thinking of her smiling at me, her face fades away. A glimpse of happiness and affection, hearts entangled. She cares for me I know that. She care for everyone around.  When I get up early in the morning to go to school she is awake, right there in the kitchen already cooking breakfast. When I go to bed, she comforts me and waits for my mom to return from work. She is the wonder woman of our family.

6x8 (3)

In her 20’s: Photo taken in 1930s 

Tales that she had shared with me about her past brought me tears. Things that she went through to educate her son, moments she sacrificed for family really breaks my heart. Probably the smartest great grandma anyone would witness. Committed to her duties. This is not a eulogy, it’s not the time yet. This is a paean. A praise.

Her work is intangible, and I stand here as the result of her work. What would I be now if she hadn’t been in my life? I couldn’t imagine. She raised my grandpa, her only son, all by herself her husband died at an early age. Being single parent would have been tough. Yet, she did it and did it with pride!

Her duty didn’t end there. She took care of the house when my grandpa is out to work. She raised her grandchildren, my uncle and mom, with her daughter in law. She raised me.  A mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother her role changes yet her love and dedication remains the same.

I respect her wisdom, esteem and the life experience she persists. I believe life as taken from her all that she had inherited but gave her what she had earned.

She is 93 now. Her skin shrunk, bones weak, hair grey as time passes but wit never changed.

She fell down this morning in the bathroom and fractured her back. She couldn’t move and screamed for help, first time in her life. I heard her voice shivered and frightened. Four hours passed in no time. I had to carry her all the way to the bed room. We had her lying on the bed. Mourning in pain, tears in her eyes, she starred into mine. I broke.

Are you a low-self esteem person or a high-self esteem person? One way to differentiate is this scenario: If a person posts a selfie with and expects more likes and comments on Facebook or Instagram and asks people how they look and gets competent with the number of like and the reaction they get from others.Well, that person has low self esteem. On the other hand if a person posts a selfie just for the sake of changing his profile pic and doesn’t give a shit about what other think of it we have a high self-esteemed person.

What is the problem with low self esteem person using social networks ?

  • They get depressed and anxious
  • They compare their life with others
  • They get sleep deprived and push themselves in to a more lonelier environment
  • They easily get discouraged and demotivated

2016-05-30_12-25-10Recently I came through a post by one of my school junior on getting his brand new iPhone 5s and another guy commenting (in his native language) that he didn’t even have a Nokia 1100 (most basic Nokia phone).

Here people start to use Facebook as a platform to compare their life with that of others. They create a mindset that make them want to upload post and photos that creates an illusion of their life being cooler and awesome than others, which causes a big impact on a specific group of people mostly youngster, children teens to fell depressed and demotivated of what ever that they don’t have.

Facebook depression, may result if, for example, users see status updates, wall posts, and photos that make them feel unpopular. Social media sites may have greater psychosocial impact on users with low self-esteem.

Though many doctors and psychologist say that “Social media is a tool; it cannot in and of itself ‘cause’ a medical illness” I think it is quit evident that we come across many such scenarios like the one I just mentioned above.

Facebook and other social media may contribute to depression in three ways—bullying, comparison with others, and influencing self-worth.

“Bullying can occur when ‘friends’ post mean or derogatory statements about others or upload unflattering photos and make negative comments about them”.

Thought processes, such as “They have x number of friends and I don’t” or “They have the relationship status I want or the life I want,” can lead to low self-esteem.

Concerning self-worth “The child or teen may think, ‘What if I post something and nobody responds to it or clicks the “Like” button on it.’ Consequently, it is easy for them to become depressed when they are getting their sense of self-worth from the approval of others on social networking sites.


People beguile

All this comparison and an illusion of a competitive environment make them stay late nights to make their posts look a little awesome than other and mingle with their friends to seem to have an little edge over others.

If the teen’s life involves hours online per day or social networking seems to be having a negative impact on them, then limiting or even eliminating their social media access should be considered.

One thing we need to note is that addiction to and obsession with Facebook and other social networking sites has been documented in users of all ages. For children and teens, overuse may adversely affect mental health, and needs to monitor usage, this problem occurs among the young users often because as hey grow they start to get concerned about their own life and become an esteemed adults.2016-05-30_12-34-25

Apart from all these ill-effect these social network have pros like connecting people from various places and letting know about their whereabouts and life. It is in the individuals hand how to use these platforms and avoid getting themselves from getting into these emotional traps. Increasing awareness of both the positive and the negative influences of sites such as Facebook can help users better understand the complexities of depression in today’s cyber-connected lifestyle.

PS: Click here to read more on what mental health therapist have to say about this issue..!

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