Readers contact me for any of these 3 main reasons:

1. Contributing to the content

Ideally this should be a hub spot for think tanks. And being so, it makes justice only when others’ opinions/ ideas are heard of. You can get in touch with me and send me in your thoughts on any particular article. Some readers might think they can contribute by getting a step closer to this blog. For those thinkers who want to tell people something through this blog, I would recommend to reach out to me with your idea. Post which we can work on it together to make it into an article/ podcast/ project.

2. Sharing their experience

You can conduct your own experiments drawing inspiration from here or elsewhere. Please share your experiences/ experiments and successes with us. We may make it a thing/ your thing in this blog and contribute an article to it if it is relevant and influential.

3. Calling a correction

When some read the lines, a few read between the lines. People get in touch with me to call out corrections. May it be in the way a message could have been delivered or a sillly mistake or a fact that changed in to an anti-fact. Feel free to point it out.

Thank you for reading, and please share your experiments and successes!