Change – A godly concept

I was texting my friend/ colleague who had to work on a weekend due to some reasons. I was little vigilant about this person for a few weeks and all of a sudden asked her if everything was okay and if she was happy. For which, she mentioned that everything was fine. Further, I asked her why she went to office on a weekend, and again enquired if she was happy for doing that. She immediately replied that, one, she had no choice and two, she anyway liked to do it. At that moment I put aside the first reason, which is a topic related to freedom and free will, but the second one instantly caught my curiosity. I wanted to further deep dive and understand what made her think that is what she wanted and why she had convinced herself – that was the best for her.

I observe. It is a useful skill. It is important to observe people to understand why they do what they do. I keenly keep note of things I do. Yes, I observe myself. I track my dream with a dream journal, I do some visualising to look at myself from a third persons’ perspective and gauge the scenario to evaluate how I fit in the big picture. This is essential for mindful thinking. You need to understand your conscious and sub-conscious to know what you are up to, and you also need to understand why certain thoughts occur in your mind. Remember everything that happens, happens for a reason. There is a reason behind this piece of writing. There is a reason behind the site, there is a reason behind you reading this. The reality is nothing but a system of dominos that fall one after other, where one becomes the outcome and the previous becomes the reason. Cause and effect. Finding the first cause is the trickiest thing, isn’t that what the scientist, philosophers, the archaeologist and and other field of experts trying to solve. The foremost cause of all the causes. Won’t that cause that caused all of this have a reason (i.e. cause) behind it!

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So, I asked my friend what caused her to enjoy the work weekend. Inappropriately, she mentioned her team mates were at office too, and she pacified me not to worry about the situation as many people were involved. Okay, she is not physically alone. But, mentally?

This happens to all of us. We feel alone. Some of us embrace it and convert it into a strength to leverage the benefits from it. It helps us spend time with ourselves, understanding ourselves better, focusing on our needs and so on. But depression is different. Loneliness and depression are not the same. One might embrace loneliness and still be able to have a good living but it is not possible with depression. It is the worst of all states to be in. I had to help my friend realise that she had pushed herself to the point where she had to accept that depressed state was her normal life. She basically just reconstructed her thoughts around the falsely accepted state of depression. This is a typical behaviour of people who have not understood the concept of change. Change seems to be a simple word. A word that describes the state of an entity. But this word encapsulates a lot of meaning. Change is portrayed as a godly concept in many ancient literatures. Roman god Janus. Hindu god Kali.

While livetheinfinity questions the concept of god to understand it better, it suggests you that change is the medium of evolution and progress for life as a form. Change cannot be eradicated. What caused the first ever change? Some change, right? Therefore it has no limits, no start and no end. Change is eternal and therefore change can be portrayed as god!

Is that the reason behind why few religions preach change as god? More to come.

We need to take control of this godly concept. Won’t it make us powerful? Of course it will. We must become the drivers of change. We must not escape our reality by any means (not even by embracing it)! But, we must change our reality. We are in control of creating things and we must acknowledge the fact that we are ignorant and must take action to solve the problems. Being depressed is bad, we must agree the first step against it is, the change in your thought process. The change in your habits. The change in your routines. The change in your behaviour. The change in your perception. With change in yourself you change the reality you live in. When you change the way you see things the things you see change.

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