Why Minimalism?

I find minimalism extremely useful. For me being a minimalist is being on a course of correction. A process of restraining ourselves from becoming slaves to the impulses caused by marketing and advertising. We should keep ourselves from buying products we do not NEED.

Minimalism is so synonymous with the idea of this blog (the live.the.infinity idea) because it basically teaches you to master and take control over the material possessions that you develop. TheMinimalists.com  is a really cool place to learn and follow minimalism.  They have their own podcasts, campaigns, and books! Really cool folks, who have taken the idea of spreading minimalism very seriously after understanding how much powerful and beneficial it is.

Talking about that, I too find it extremely useful. It was a little hard to start and adapt to this lifestyle. But you get a hang of it and it becomes a very helpful. We live in a world where people m follow one religion in common, consumerism. We buy stuff we do not need to impress people we do not like. We are in the age of being fooled by great advertisements. Creative marketing is taking over the world, they are succeeding at a very high rate.

Being minimalist not only pertains to actual physical products, then also include digital products (social media and other apps). We must know when to draw the line and distinguish between usage by intention and compulsion. Being minimalistic with app/phone usage teaches you how to master your time and attention. Why so? This because the only motive for these apps is to get your attention and make you use the app for as long as possible and make money out of it and they do whatever it takes to make it happen. Once you understand this, you must start working on this. But you need to understand it takes a lot of self-control and discipline to master your subconscious which is getting fooled every day by this attention seeking apps.

Thus minimalism it is our solution for mastering our material possession. More related to this to come.

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