live.the.infinity – A perception of time, thoughts and action

We lose track of time, we procrastinate. Or we have enough time, but not the right ideas/ thoughts to work on, in order to come up with a creative solution. Or when we have the time and the idea to we lack discipline/ effort to get it done. We are highly prone to missing out the best possible result because of our inability to calibrate and intelligently handle the three vital systems. Time. Thoughts. And Action.

What is live.the.infinity? – This is a name given for an idea, an idea that pronounces a new way of viewing the time we are provided with, the thoughts we generate during that time and actions we engage into as a resultant of the thoughts. Simple right? So this idea of “live.the.infinity” turned into a blog where I can publish and share the incubated thoughts on various topics like: habits, routines, practices, projects, values/morals and more ideas, that is essential for anyone’s well-being. Might sound philosophical, it is more intellectual-philosophical.

So, what is not live.the.infinity? It is not an end to end travel blog, it is not an self-help junction, and definitely not a personal blog. But if you intend to see this blog as any one of the aforementioned, you might find some glimpses.

The idea of live.the.infinity is pictorially represented below. Imagine time, thoughts and action are three Cartesian axes. This Cartesian system will be the closest representation to our consciousness.

Time and Thoughts

Over the plain of time and thoughts we generate creative ideas, this is where all the knowledge we have gathered over past start to interplay giving us sparking ideas.

Time and Action

Over the plain of time and action we build discipline, just like how doing something without having thought about it won’t make sense, thinking about something for a long time and not acting on it won’t make sense either. I cannot stress more on how important “taking action” is. We build our discipline in this plain where over time we take actions and build habits that becomes drivers of change.

Thoughts and Action

Over the plain of thoughts and action project our character. What we think and do makes who we are. At any given point any person should be very conscious about where they stand with respect to these three axis. Do we use our time efficiently? Do we do the right things to get things moving, to accomplish goals, are we thinking the right way about important things that matter to us and others.

By practicing this, we become conscious about our time, thoughts and actions. There by build a better perception to make bigger things, or improve ourselves through personal projects. And that my friends, is live.the.infinity.

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