I choose to eat for nourishment. Not entertainment.


Being nourished includes everything that surrounds us and how we connect with nature through our food choices and the exercise we do. It is how we care for it while we cook and eat that makes a difference in how we experience food and other physical activity.


Why are we eating? When we are eating to lose weight, we tend to eat from counting calories perspective and we don’t consider nourishment. What is it about the mindset of losing weight that seems like it should be hard and painful?

The food culture these days is all about pleasure, people get blinded by entertainment over nourishment, but we forget that pleasure is more than what pleases our taste-buds.  We are unique individuals with different bodies. To embrace that is what nourishes us from a life-style perspective.

Instead of eating from the dieting mentality of what I cannot have and should/should not eat, I eat based on what nourishes my body, which is more about how food makes me feel, and for that matter how my mind and soul feel, as well.

  1. Get your sleep. If there is one thing we know by now about health, it is that sleep is one of the most important factors for anything from inflammation, hormonal balances, weight issues, cravings, and erratic eating habits.
  2. Start the morning with water. Hot water with raw honey is very soothing in the winter and helps boost your immune system, but also gives you that sweetness that we often look for in our breakfast meals. Sweetness also opens up the liver in the morning, which is when you want to “activate” your liver energy, which helps you feels ready for the day instead of sluggish. Most want that cup of coffee to get started, but try water. You might be surprised. Wait to have your caffeine until after you eat.
  3. Eat a good lunch and choose foods that are substantial. For example, if you pick up your lunch and normally get a salad, then change it up with a “salad” that is based on vegetables and with good fats/ proteins from chicken, not just greens. You need a lot of good fiber and fat to feel full. Many under eat at lunch and go for the snacks by 4pm.
  4. Think real food for snacks. One of my favorites is to have egg white or a sandwich, instead of a cookie and tea.
  5. Keep it simple for dinner when you are not at a dinner party. Protein and something green, like vegetables. Dinner is when you want to eat light (half stomach full) so you can get your body ready for sleep and allow your system to recover overnight instead of digesting.
  6. If you cannot get to your normal exercise routines, get outside for walks, cycling. Some fresh air, big breathing and simple movements can hold you over without turning into a sluggish couch-potato.

I additionally learned to resist the impulse to eat fast food when I head out with friends. This keeps me away from taking in too much bad fat/ unwanted calories. These habits came in very handy with my weight cutting diet for Project 1200km.

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