Why I decided to go on a 1200km cycle expedition?

It is not a very common thing for someone to say that they are going to take two weeks off from work and pedal for 1200 km. But I did. Here’s why.

Firstly, let me state clearly that I am neither a professional cyclist, nor a daredevil who frequently hits the road pedaling long distances in cycles. I am a human being with average fitness like any other person who has a 9 to 5 job. I have started going to the gym recently but haven’t been going for a long time before the planning for this trip started. My cardio and physical performance are very below any athlete.

Why did such a thought hit me?

I recollect my grandpa telling me that days fly by in no time. He mentioned the he still remembers when I was 5 years old sitting on his lap playing with homemade toy that he makes for me out of coconut leaf, and all of sudden everything has be fast forwarded and now I am 22 working far away from him. I am sure many others feel the same way when they look back at the past times. Do you feel your school days were fun and had got ended in no time. This is primarily because we get used to “the routine”.

At the beginning, our brain is learning new things trying to figure out how everything in this world works. It is curious, you are on a learning phase exploring things surrounding you. That is the reason why we are more curious when we are young, and this curiosity dies as we grow. People who try to keep this childlike curiosity alive in them get to taste different flavors of life. We tend to learn how different things function, we learn how to make a living in competitive environment, there by we set ourselves in to a comfortable routine and stick to it. Over time we learn how to get grades in schools, we learn how to earn money and make a living. As we set “the routine” to ourselves we put our minds into an auto-pilot mode and it does not pay attention of vital things like time, and it skips attention to details. We just live through time not noticing the value of time.

This why many people recommend to take a vacation when you feel your are stuck with your life. And this is the reason why we take periodic vacations. It refreshes our brain system and gets if off the routine. It is when you escape “the routine” you start to notice smaller things in life. Make room for fresh thoughts that enrich the mind space. Once you start developing a fresh space in your mind. You automatically start making connection between things you have learnt in life. This will in turn improve/ modify the way you perceive things.

I too started thinking that I haven’t done anything interesting in the past one year since I started working. That’s I planned along with my friend/ colleague to cycle for 1200km. This is going to be a bike packing ride, we will be covering 100km a day staying on the road sides. We have been training for it for the past one and half months. We are embarking in this journey on third week of December 2017 and will be on road for 2 straight weeks.

Read more about the specifics of our cycling trip. Also read more on how we are  training and how I managed to do some weight cutting for this trip. You can find more article on devolving discipline for practice with example of hurdles we faced during the training and how we managed to overcome it.


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