How are we training for project 1200km?

If you have been following the post. You be informed the I am planning to hit the road this December along with my friend and cycle for 1200km as a test of endurance and feed for newer experiences.

But now that is one big scary task to finish. We started freaking out when we realized we had only 3 months to train. So, here’s is what we are doing. First thing first, we already have cycles so we just hopped on and started pedaling. Apart from cycling they are a couple of things we have to take care of. If you see cycling as a sport, as per many long distance travelers,you need not train a lot. You stamina improves as you keep cycling day over day. But the challenge we have to face was to pedal 100km each day consistently without lag. Along with cycling we also have to take care of our diet, sleep and little bit of our knowledge about our cycles and filming (since we were planning to vlog out way through the journey).

So we split the preparation in to three sub-tasks.

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Stamina

We have to increase the protein in our intake along with little bit of carbs. We have to take carbs in order to burn them and use carbs as fuel during our cycling. That’s lot of protein related food like: eggs, milk, protein shakes, nuts (almonds, cashews etc.) and stuff like tofu. We majorly got carbs from rice and rotis.

We strictly have to cut any kind of extreme sugar, salt or spice. Since this will cause insulin hikes and trigger hunger for more. We shouldn’t end up eating more than what our body needs. I also practice intermittent fasting one day in a week, which will trigger “ketosis” to burn up the fat in the body and make it use fat as a source of energy. We have to keep our body very much hydrated to keep it functional. Remember fasting means no food. And no food mean no coffee, no expresso, no snacks, no fruits. Only water intake allowed for hydration.

This sort of strict diet helps me cut my weight from 60kg to 55 kg in a month and helps me burn all unwanted fat.


We not only have to plan our sleep cycles. We also have to develop some good habits around it. First thing we change was to plan our next days before we got to sleep the previous day. This seems easy thing to do. But people do not realize how much energy your brain consumes in order to plan the day ahead. All this planning should not consume the valuable time you have at the staring of your day. So, we plan what we do the next day, it could be normal planning like what am I going to work on tomorrow of that sort. During the trip it will be about the trip itself.

Apart from that we must sleep half stomach full and need to get 7 to 8 hrs a day. Half full stomach because while your body is resting your digestive system shouldn’t be busy burning all the food you load. This will only make you more tired when you wake up. 7 hrs of sleep for the cognitive rebooting. This freshens up your mind and improves the memory. Moreover you get good rest.


Most cyclist have strong legs, but very thin upper body. This is because there absolutely no exercise for the upper body when you cycle. We need to take care of this because we do not want to end up in a situation where my legs could do a 50 more kilometers but my arms. neck and back starts to ache. This requires good food. Food for nourishment and exercise. So, we hit the gym on alternate days doing some weight lifting for back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. This kinda got myself ripped. Read more on how I got my body ripped and look more sexier.

Apart from the above three aspects of preparation we have smaller tasks on our plate. Auro (my friend) takes care of the filming part. He started studying photography, film making and story boarding. I did all the planning like where we head each day, how much we complete day over day. At what places to rest and eat. I also have to take care of “know hows” of maintaining cycles. I am almost a good cycle mechanic now.

We have two more months of training and we will hit the road. We ride for 100kms on alternate days (the days we don’t hit the gym). You will be reading more on this as we keep training for this epic journey.

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