Why you must be Responsible?

Have you been in a position where suddenly people are completely dependent on you? A overwhelming feeling of fear and self doubt. This sudden pressure, stress it causes. We call it responsibility.

Yeah the responsibility to take care of the people surrounding you, your family and friends, sometimes even the society. It’s tedious take care of people around you, often we wanna be the ones to be taken care of and not the responsible one. Being responsible is sometimes seen equivalent to being burdened with additional pressure that occupies your mental space. You want to give that burden to the person next to you, make him responsible. It’s like passing a ticking bomb to the next person, if you delay you might get blown. Nobody wants to be responsible. Why? Fear of failure. Fear that we will fail the trust that we have built with out relationships.

What if the team losses under your captaincy? What if a decision you take leads your company to failure? What if you fail to take care of the person near you?

This occurs because we are used to be on the other side of the line. We seek help we don’t deliver it. We feel vulnerable and doubted. This is because we haven’t imagined ourselves as heroes, responsible heroes.

Flood affected people waiting at the night time for getting rations

We could not have made this world a better place to live together if Martin Luther King hadn’t felt responsible. I have felt scared, shy, reserved and inferior at many times.

Lately things have changed I pushed my self beyond limits and when I look back it amazes me. I had stepped forward to do several things. I served to help the flood affected slum people by delivering food packets and survival kits in remote places. I think there no necessity to brag about it yet I feel proud and motivated when I think of those sleepless nights and tiring speeches.

That’s me along with my friends from an non profit org serving the flood affected rural people

My confidence has developed. I take up blame for my mistakes and that of my teams’ and I deliver better result eventually.

Initially it is this effrontery and audacity that develops the belief in people. This belief creates value. The value integrates. Change happens. Being responsible seems scary at the beginning but you soon get an hang of it. People respect you.

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