Social Networks are not for “Low Self-Esteem” people ?

Are you a low-self esteem person or a high-self esteem person? One way to differentiate is this scenario: If a person posts a selfie with and expects more likes and comments on Facebook or Instagram and asks people how they look and gets competent with the number of like and the reaction they get from others.Well, that person has low self esteem. On the other hand if a person posts a selfie just for the sake of changing his profile pic and doesn’t give a shit about what other think of it we have a high self-esteemed person.

What is the problem with low self esteem person using social networks ?

  • They get depressed and anxious
  • They compare their life with others
  • They get sleep deprived and push themselves in to a more lonelier environment
  • They easily get discouraged and demotivated

2016-05-30_12-25-10Recently I came through a post by one of my school junior on getting his brand new iPhone 5s and another guy commenting (in his native language) that he didn’t even have a Nokia 1100 (most basic Nokia phone).

Here people start to use Facebook as a platform to compare their life with that of others. They create a mindset that make them want to upload post and photos that creates an illusion of their life being cooler and awesome than others, which causes a big impact on a specific group of people mostly youngster, children teens to fell depressed and demotivated of what ever that they don’t have.

Facebook depression, may result if, for example, users see status updates, wall posts, and photos that make them feel unpopular. Social media sites may have greater psychosocial impact on users with low self-esteem.

Though many doctors and psychologist say that “Social media is a tool; it cannot in and of itself ‘cause’ a medical illness” I think it is quit evident that we come across many such scenarios like the one I just mentioned above.

Facebook and other social media may contribute to depression in three ways—bullying, comparison with others, and influencing self-worth.

“Bullying can occur when ‘friends’ post mean or derogatory statements about others or upload unflattering photos and make negative comments about them”.

Thought processes, such as “They have x number of friends and I don’t” or “They have the relationship status I want or the life I want,” can lead to low self-esteem.

Concerning self-worth “The child or teen may think, ‘What if I post something and nobody responds to it or clicks the “Like” button on it.’ Consequently, it is easy for them to become depressed when they are getting their sense of self-worth from the approval of others on social networking sites.


People beguile

All this comparison and an illusion of a competitive environment make them stay late nights to make their posts look a little awesome than other and mingle with their friends to seem to have an little edge over others.

If the teen’s life involves hours online per day or social networking seems to be having a negative impact on them, then limiting or even eliminating their social media access should be considered.

One thing we need to note is that addiction to and obsession with Facebook and other social networking sites has been documented in users of all ages. For children and teens, overuse may adversely affect mental health, and needs to monitor usage, this problem occurs among the young users often because as hey grow they start to get concerned about their own life and become an esteemed adults.2016-05-30_12-34-25

Apart from all these ill-effect these social network have pros like connecting people from various places and letting know about their whereabouts and life. It is in the individuals hand how to use these platforms and avoid getting themselves from getting into these emotional traps. Increasing awareness of both the positive and the negative influences of sites such as Facebook can help users better understand the complexities of depression in today’s cyber-connected lifestyle.

PS: Click here to read more on what mental health therapist have to say about this issue..!

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