Circle of Friends

Today, I went to my favorite sandwich shop in my locality and accidentally bumped into one of my old school friends. It was then I realized how my life has changed when I spoke to him. I really realized the drastic changes in my life when he came up with a few thing that he remembered about me.

To be frank I did not like him, yes though I sound mean I did not like him cause back in those days I was jealous of him. He was somewhat cooler than me and had a girlfriend while I hadn’t. His best mate was also there, while he was talking to me at the shop and we were chatting about our future where I was gonna work and what I had done all these days. And they were surprised that I got placed in a reputed company and managed to score higher grades.

Since school days I never used to score good grades but now I do. Not showing off but it made me feel happy, not over-confident. I was not comparing myself with them but actually I was comparing myself with me. And fortunately I have improved a lot when compared to older me.

There are so many reasons behind this change. I think one the most important is my mind-set. Yes, from a low scorer to a topper and a socially inactive person to a fun person. All this did not happen just like that. I was sad, depressed that I did not have a healthy friends circle to share my time with but this made me push myself into a more lonelier environment. And it is when you are alone your brains work at best.

All this isolation led me to an self introspection and self improvement. I got time to do social welfare activities rather than hanging out with a bunch of street guys. I got time spend time with my mom, yes it was awesome I went to most of the movies at that time with my mother and man it was good. We shared a lot. I even got time to take up a new hobby and master it.

Yet in the social networks I could see them hang out together and have fun. This social network created an illusion of comparing my life with that of their’s. It had an impact on me. Yet I ignored. Soon I got into college and carried on with my life.

Now I stand here all changed and better than ever. Sometimes you gotta let your friends go if they are being a dragger. Else you are gonna regret it later. I always had my best mates with me all the time. Only thing is that I get in touch with them only twice a month.

It is when you alter the mind-set and change the circle of your friends you start to witness the real change in you.

You could feel the progress in you. This augments your confidence and clarity in your decision making. Now I’m never bothered about who they are and what they do. All that concerns me is that am I growing day to day.

Sometimes your friends circle may reduce in number, but add up in value..!!


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