The Journey Unfolds


After an exhausting day, what would you expect when you reach the railway station. Well, here is what I went through ! A Que that stretches forever and you get to join it where a drunken man stands behind you and blows fresh air for you to breath a stench of alcohol. After a provoking long wait you meet the vituperate ticket man who curses everyone who does not give him the exact change for the tickets.

As you come running to the platform along with the massive herd which carries you all the way with you putting no effort to move. You end in a stampede of people trying to either get on or get out of the train that has just arrived.

If you have made up to this stage you get a seat to sit with  your heavy bag on your lap. Unsurprisingly a sweaty bulk man sits next you and you persist to reluctantly sit next to him. There is no other way, you have to go through this cause you are tired already and cannot stand through the journey.

Slowly the train moves and boys run on the platform along with the train and jumps on the foot board. As you consciously look inside, you begin notice diversity prevalent in this country.

You realize how racially, linguistically, spiritually, culturally, physically, economically, politically and religiously diverse India is…!!!

I see Islamic girls sitting next to a Hindu priest, transvestites standing among other genders, a beggar sitting on the floor toward the wall very close to a guy heeding into a laptop. Diversity. The word explains it all.

Coach is filled with absolute silence except unclear recorded voice of the woman announcing the arriving stop in three different languages, obviously not interested in it you gawk at everyone and they give you a stare that makes you feel uneasy and forces you to look away. But on the other hand, you can see a few passenger having a mobile, a laptop or a ipod in their hands and estranges this awkwardness by indulging themselves into this virtual world of entertainment.

Many get on and off the coach at the stations, you can see blind people singing song of martyrdom to get money and make a living, some sell cheap biscuits and pens, young children performs in front of the passenger audience to beg for money and also a few transgenders asking for charity to help themselves. These agonizing site might cause you to woe.

While so much is happening around, some people also tend to get into the world within and think about whatsoever that may  concern them. It may be about a movie they saw last night or something their boss has said to them or the course of action that they are going to do once they get off the train or some even observe what’s going on around (just like what I am doing right now) etc. It is quite true that train is one among those places which makes you brainstorm about random stuff.

Men may come and men may go, but this train(of thoughts) goes on forever…!!!

* *

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