Jokers Then, Jokers Now!!


He only had the destination in his mind. “Betrayed, my friend, he is a thief” his inner voice kept saying. Running along side of the busy road nearly missing ramming the vehicles.He reaches the door. “Where is he?” he yells at the person appearing at the door.”Where is my drawing book?”….His friend appears from behind with his book. Totally terrified by his looks he ask “why are you out of breath?””dude you came all the way running?”. “Give me the book!”. “Here it is take it” his friend stretches out through  the gap in the door totally puzzled. He grabs the book and says “you are not my friend anymore”. The gate shut with a big bang as he flees the scene while his friend shouting “Hey I brought it home to show it to my grandpa..and he liked your drawings very much!!”

Sound like a pretty serious fight among two 10 year old.. huh? You think they are never gonna meetup again right ? WRONG !! This is my friend who I notoriously get into fight in the old days.

It has been 14 years now since we met and we are still friends. Still the same old buddies cracking jokes on each other. Its a treat for others when we are together. Our friends miss to notice the time running as we start joking about nearly everything around us.

He has become a brotherly companion and his character…he is a “Dime”. He has been a constant joker who always lightens the mood.I think I m the luckiest person to get to know him as my best friend. Now when I think of that day, it is such a joke…like a well scripted comedy scene from a drama. And of course he cracks jokes about that incident too..!

Do you have a friend who is always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh?

Do you love to spend time with them because they always make you feel happy?

If this is you, then you are a very lucky person. Constant jokers are often seen as the clown of the group, who is always laughing and joking. Some people might think they don’t have much depth, but often the funny friends are the wisest. They focus on making the people around them happy, and digging out the funniest parts in daily life.

It is reassuring to know that whatever is going on in your life, your friend will always make laughing easy. They deserve your appreciation and thanks – it is important to acknowledge the wonderful people who make you smile. Here are 8 things that you should thank the constant joker in your group for.

1. The joker will make you smile every day

Every time you see the constant joker you laugh. They always know exactly what to say to make you smile, and every conversation is filled with funny jokes and comments. You love having a friend that you know you will always have fun with, no matter what happens.

2. The joker is creative and witty

If you ask most writers which genre is hardest to write, most will say comedy. It takes a combination of creativity, wit and timing to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. The funny friend knows hundreds of fun, quirky facts, and often you find that you are learning while you are laughing.

3. The joker can handle awkward social situations

Most people hate awkward situations, but the joker always knows how to handle them. The funny friend knows that part of being funny is being able to see where other people are coming from. With a few good-hearted jokes, the whole group will start to relax and feel more confident.

4. The joker will calm you down when you are upset

If you are upset, the first person you ring is your funny friend. They are the only person who can make you smile while you are upset, and they always show you that the sadness will pass and that you will be happy again.

5. The joker is able to make you laugh when you are furious

When you are furious there are few people who you like to be around. Most people just make you feel angrier, but your funny friend has the ability to make you see sense. You appreciate that (and you know that they will crack a great joke about the person who has made you so angry).

6. The joker is observant

They’re always looking out for funny things that they can poke fun at – for instance, your lack of good taste in choosing the right frame for your glasses. They have a keen sense of their surroundings and they are always looking out for absurdities in day-to-day life.

7. The joker helps you to believe in your future

Whenever you start to doubt yourself, the joker is there to reassure you. They may mostly make jokes, but they also have a serious side. They let you know that some mistakes might make you feel bad at the time, but within a few days you will both be laughing about it.

8. The joker helps you to grow as a person

Spending time with such a light-hearted, positive person has made you a better person. You are better at dealing with problems and being self-reliant, and you are eternally thankful to your friend for making your life even better.

PS: What should you do in return? Give me the window seat every time we get on the bus..!!



  1. Kishore said:

    Drawing book xD lolzzz! 😀 way to go!


  2. Sridevi said:

    Awesome Naveen 👏🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


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