Patience is the hardest thing to learn, because you need patience to learn it.

Now patienly try to read the below body of text to understand what I am trying to do. And don’t forget to remember the title as you read this article.

“In this piece of literature, I am not evangelizing the idea that “god is just a concept”. I am not taking stands on admitting to the question “Does god exist?” I am an agnostic who stands neutral and takes his time to analyse the situation before coming to a conclusion. And as an agnostic it my duty to defend all agnostics. I feel thinking as an equivalent of writing, I thereby by write (think) about myself, about surroundings, about life and existence and about universe of infinite possibilities in the next fraction of time (livetheinfinity).

Pardon me to liberally take the identity of an agnostic and speak for them to gain attention among the readers of internet. I am just a consciousness talking about the art of life. How at various dimensions various entities interact to create a spectrum of drama that we call ‘memories’. Languages, and words too were created for easing the sharing of information but what use? These fellow humans have only focused on using it to swear other and spread negativity in the system.

There can only be two states: negative and positive, you are either this or that. That’s the energies of ions. Right? The fundamental part of life. Therefore the universe must be made of duality. Right? Wrong! If that was true everything in life must just have been duality. Yes. No. 1. 0. In. Out. Right. Wrong. Good. Bad. But it is more convoluted than that, especially for humans, thinking and making decision is a byzantine process and it gets worse as time proceeds (there is a reason why I used the word ‘proceeds’ here).

When a human starts analysing things and manages to put his complete focus on one thing, he is able to achieve it. And vice versa also happens. But he got distracted because he started putting effort into doing what he wanted to do. Shouldn’t he be appreciated for that? Think harder. Where is this article going? You started reading this article like you knew what you are and what you are doing. But the reality is – you don’t know shit. You, me, we are all in this piece of body with colour, dimensions and other form of physical constraints. What are we as consciousness doing here? Are we a part of bigger civilization that these unrealized humans call aliens? Are we erased of other memories and are limited to the capacity we have currently. What is this hardware called brain and how did it get created. Where is it taking us? Or should I ask where they are taking us.

As different consciousnesses we are to think together, imagine together of the possibilities of future and interestingly possibilities of what the past might be. Imagination is insightful. Yet those are the things unimaginable that gets noticed all the time. Didn’t we notice the universe such an unimaginable creation. Why? We appreciate creativity (a process of creating something unimaginable to awe the audience). And people of creative living seem to have understood god. They seem to have understood the design atleast. They are able to pour out continous flow of thoughts from the brain through the soul and express in different forms on the physical world. Aren’t these people artists? Should we call that creation the god? The creation (GOD) that would have created such an awesome creation (HUMAN) that creates other creations (for example: AI). Thus, god itself must be a creation, created by a creator. And this loop keeps on going infinitely that’s why it is essential to livetheinfinity to understand the concept of god.”

–That was the writer’s reply to the thought “if god was a concept?”

Read the whole body of text again. This time read it slowly and notice how the narrative jumps from one form to other. From human to consciousness and further deeper. Continue reading once you have fully caught hold of the above passage. This is an essay comprising tools that expert writers use, being demonstrated for free.

This feeling of having multi-layered identification is called the consciousness. How much ever you dive deeper it goes even further. This is what the yogi’s of ancient Indian culture calls the “chitha”. It is when this chitha is attained, one gets to peak of awareness that you are able to see things as it is. Perceive it as it is in the crudest form. To understand what is happening to you, to understand why you are played with these thoughts you need to understand how they (the thoughts) function. Could you ever notice the origin of thoughts or be conscious of its death? The answer is ‘no’. We need practice to distance ourselves from thoughts and observe it but remember that the original point of doing this is to see if god is in the thought that exists in us. Imagine – “you are assertive that you are being controlled from inside and you are therefore moving further and further inside to find the answer.” And once you move inward too much. You crave for more experiences and embark in the endless journey of putting EFFORT to realise the GOD. And that is why you need to read my next article on EFFORT!

I was texting my friend/ colleague who had to work on a weekend due to some reasons. I was little vigilant about this person for a few weeks and all of a sudden asked her if everything was okay and if she was happy. For which, she mentioned that everything was fine. Further, I asked her why she went to office on a weekend, and again enquired if she was happy for doing that. She immediately replied that, one, she had no choice and two, she anyway liked to do it. At that moment I put aside the first reason, which is a topic related to freedom and free will, but the second one instantly caught my curiosity. I wanted to further deep dive and understand what made her think that is what she wanted and why she had convinced herself – that was the best for her.

I observe. It is a useful skill. It is important to observe people to understand why they do what they do. I keenly keep note of things I do. Yes, I observe myself. I track my dream with a dream journal, I do some visualising to look at myself from a third persons’ perspective and gauge the scenario to evaluate how I fit in the big picture. This is essential for mindful thinking. You need to understand your conscious and sub-conscious to know what you are up to, and you also need to understand why certain thoughts occur in your mind. Remember everything that happens, happens for a reason. There is a reason behind this piece of writing. There is a reason behind the site, there is a reason behind you reading this. The reality is nothing but a system of dominos that fall one after other, where one becomes the outcome and the previous becomes the reason. Cause and effect. Finding the first cause is the trickiest thing, isn’t that what the scientist, philosophers, the archaeologist and and other field of experts trying to solve. The foremost cause of all the causes. Won’t that cause that caused all of this have a reason (i.e. cause) behind it!

Image result for dominos falling effect clipart

So, I asked my friend what caused her to enjoy the work weekend. Inappropriately, she mentioned her team mates were at office too, and she pacified me not to worry about the situation as many people were involved. Okay, she is not physically alone. But, mentally?

This happens to all of us. We feel alone. Some of us embrace it and convert it into a strength to leverage the benefits from it. It helps us spend time with ourselves, understanding ourselves better, focusing on our needs and so on. But depression is different. Loneliness and depression are not the same. One might embrace loneliness and still be able to have a good living but it is not possible with depression. It is the worst of all states to be in. I had to help my friend realise that she had pushed herself to the point where she had to accept that depressed state was her normal life. She basically just reconstructed her thoughts around the falsely accepted state of depression. This is a typical behaviour of people who have not understood the concept of change. Change seems to be a simple word. A word that describes the state of an entity. But this word encapsulates a lot of meaning. Change is portrayed as a godly concept in many ancient literatures. Roman god Janus. Hindu god Kali.

While livetheinfinity questions the concept of god to understand it better, it suggests you that change is the medium of evolution and progress for life as a form. Change cannot be eradicated. What caused the first ever change? Some change, right? Therefore it has no limits, no start and no end. Change is eternal and therefore change can be portrayed as god!

Is that the reason behind why few religions preach change as god? More to come.

We need to take control of this godly concept. Won’t it make us powerful? Of course it will. We must become the drivers of change. We must not escape our reality by any means (not even by embracing it)! But, we must change our reality. We are in control of creating things and we must acknowledge the fact that we are ignorant and must take action to solve the problems. Being depressed is bad, we must agree the first step against it is, the change in your thought process. The change in your habits. The change in your routines. The change in your behaviour. The change in your perception. With change in yourself you change the reality you live in. When you change the way you see things the things you see change.

Upcoming articles for readers:

  • If god is thought as a concept?
  • Effort – why it matters?
  • Isn’t god the best human idea?
  • What is Shi-va?

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This is a journey that is subsisting over several months of deep thinking. This even required some sessions of deep meditation to traverse through the abyss of thoughts and witness the origin – the singularity of consciousness. A point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space–time when the matter is infinitely dense, or in other words, when matter becomes anti-matter. Matter and anti-matter are just two states in duality and duality is perpetual. It constantly ensures of its shift from one form to another and repeats itself with/without external influence. What I learn from what I witness is what follows.

If you are interested and keen to read the rest of this article, you are probably into mediation too, or you have a longing to learn why your mind behaves the way it behaves. To answer all your questions, to feed your curiosity, and leave you most satisfied. There is only one word I need to tell you and that is: “meditate”. This is not theoretical lesson and knowing the theory is not going to solve your problems and help you grow. It educates you, but nothing more. Remember this essay is an medium of transmission of information to initiate your empirical journey towards transcendence and to help you heal. I am not going to ask you to close your eyes now, because doing so, you won’t be able to read what to do next.

Coming back to what I learn through meditation, I must say first, patience. “Patience is the hardest thing to learn because, you need patience to learn it”. A paradox every monk fights through to progress towards blissful living. You have to live through the seconds of time, one by one just by doing nothing but living through the seconds. This shows how hard it could get, and how much we as humans are vulnerable towards getting overwhelmed by actually doing nothing. Again, do not get overwhelmed by questions that arises about this point. Patience has to be embraced and you must become it. You are patience and that is when you see progress.

Waiting up next eagerly to receive you is, fear. Fear of what is happening to me, is this supposed to happen, am I okay? This not only tests you of your emotional stability but also tests the equilibrium of thoughts that you are supposed to maintain. You need to balance out your thoughts. None of the thoughts should get too heavy to get noticed by your consciousness, or otherwise you need to begin telling the consciousness not to focus on it. But wait, when your consciousness is focusing on it (the thought), what kind of consciousness asks it (your consciousness) not to focus on the thought! Welcome to sub-consciousness.

Speaking of sub-consciousness, the popular movie Inception was a movie based on sub-consciousness and not dreams. Sub-consciousness is the part inside you that you are not aware of, unless educated about. The modern world tech-scientists naively talk about convolutions of creating a consciousness inside artificial intelligence, acting like they never felt intriguied about the challenges in understanding the intricacies of sub-consciousness. Sub-consciousness is the state when your dream takes control of you. In other words for stoners, this is when you get too high to fall asleep, and that is when your sub-conscious is jumping on a trampoline. Now, we are all asleep and only we at a sub-conscious level know what we are doing.

Whatever happens here, happens for a reason, is what was presumably told by philosophers, thinkers, yogis, monks, sages, pundits and thought-provokingly (~I could have used interestingly here~) even writers. Now, you need to realise that your conscious mind provokes thoughts on interesting things only. But where does rest of the data go. All the data captured in form of video, audio and emotion goes into a system of memory that is accessible only by sub-conscious mind according to spiritual Vedic of Hinduism. This data is retrieved and played to you in jumbled manner to create themes such as fear, happiness, sadness, guilt, concern, attachment, detachment etc.

Now post the sub-conscious journey you will be led to a further deeper state the astral state. Some call it as the Astral Projection (AP). This can state can be visited by practicing meditation with great dedication and wholeheartedness. You just have to sit down for fifteen to twenty minutes every day and do nothing but breathing. Do this for 3 weeks continuously and you will see changes. You will just have to focus and jump to different states going deeper and deeper to witness the singularity. Things are about to get a little technical. Everyone usually likes to jump right into projection, which is not a bad thing to do. Jumping right in will introduce you more quickly to obstacles, both positive and negative, that you may face when wandering either here in the physical plane, the astral plane, or the other planes of higher density available to the soul. However, starting from the bottom and learning the basics will better prepare you to overcome such obstacles if you ever face them.

Focus is really imperative to AP. Before even raising your vibrations, you should begin restructuring your thought process into something more self-controlled and concentrated. More focused and true-to-self. I say this because people often times have “bad trips” in the astral plane especially and more often than not, they aren’t aware that the overwhelming majority of the negatives associated with projection is caused by fear and other negative emotions that they were unable to control. “Think” more with the heart, rather than the brain because emotion is the language of the soul, so to speak. It is how the soul expresses itself through the shell we know as the human body.

Take some time to clear your thoughts through meditation before raising your vibrations and exteriorizing. The pineal gland area is what most people refer to as the “Third Eye.” This is arguably the most important gland in the human body, as it is the direct interface between the soul and its human body. After clearing your thoughts, you may want to focus on first beginning to fully open your Third Eye, albeit in small increments, as the pressures one feels on the forehead area are associated with the vast ethereal energy information that you have begun to take in and it can be quite overwhelming.



I haven’t been posting much on this website for a while, and the writer in me has been on a long sabbatical due to his personal reasons. Howbeit, my internet activity had not fallen be it in terms of active using of social media or time spent browsing and I have researched on a myriad of topics that might intrigue any of my regular readers or frequent trespassers that visit this blog for friendship-sake. Lately I have meditated a lot and that is why you see this article. I have stepped across few things in life that has kindled a mind boggling journey with respect to my love for art and expressive living.

You will see a change in the writing style in the articles to come. The blog is old enough to say that this needs be taken more seriously among the readers. And the articles coming up here will do justice to that sentence. The posts forthcoming will be of critical thinking on:

  • the birth and nurturing of ideas
  • emotional intelligence
  • importance of change

I have maintained this website for about 5 years now, I have been through the journey that this site and my content (my thoughts) has been through. I usually get this question a lot: “why do you think so much? stop over thinking!”. But only the freethinkers know the pleasure of doing it. I have been thinking about something lately … I will let you know of that soon with my next post. If you liked this post and is looking forward to many other post like this from me, please hit the like button and follow me on wordpress.


I understood the “power of likability” through the experiment I conducted, and also wrote an article about it. Find it here. Recently I had a deeper realization on this subject. Interestingly, this time I did not even have to put any effort and force things to learn, which for me only means that it is natural and widespread.

I thought about dynamics that come into play when we like some one and when we don’t. And how that turns around to us being liked and disliked. The final conclusion I arrived at was the title of this essay. The conclusion of the previous experiment I spoke about was that those who have understood the power of being likable will definitely want to use it for their good. They would want to be liked by everyone and would do things aligned towards that motive.

So to understand how to be liked by everyone, first you need to introspect on what kind of people you like and dislike. Usually we like those who are: similar to us, who have a good conduct, who have achieved something in life that we aspire about, who we are attracted to, who we think are transparent to us and has nothing to hide.

On the other hand, reasons of dislike could be the opposites like: if the person is toxic in nature, you feel that person has ulterior motives, sometimes even dissimilarities drives hatred (ex: an introvert might hate to spend time around extroverts, due to his/her odd trait in that environment). But the universal truth is that not all are the same all the time. Not everyone can do the right thing at all times and even if they manage to do so, they will not necessarily be liked by every other person.

Given this conundrum how does one manage to get liked by everyone. The secret is not definitely in changing the way of interactions happening outward rather it is completely inward. Liking or disliking someone is a thought that has to be mastered. When I say mastered, I do not mean controlling the origination and evaporation of the thought but being ignorant to it. You must be able to separate yourself from the scenario and view the larger picture on what makes them do what they do. This will give you the perspective on not only why they do what they do but also what kind of person they are.

You must learn to let those thoughts pass by, ignore it and just relax seeing them come and go. You need not get immersed into it. Thinking deeply about someone’s act or cause of act will only lead to confusion and affect the peace of mind. But accepting the act as it is and observing the characteristics of the outcome will help you gauge the person and how they will reflect. This gives your an edge. Thereby instead of being judgmental and deriving conclusion, be open and be ignorant to chaotic thoughts. It might not make you “like” anyone but definitely this will make you “not dislike” anyone. You will be a harmless observer, therefore you will be “not disliked” by all. In fact, you will be respected by all for being non-judgemental.


Like every other monday I open my laptop at my work station. A friend of mine stops by at my bay to drop a note about what he felt about my previous post which potraits an incidents that happened during the my cycle trip.

As I worked through the day I kept recollecting memories of the trip. On a big picture what I felt was the adversity that I had been through. The constantly changing challenges, the hard route getting hared due to unpredictable extreme weather, the silent roads of Tholpetty forest which make you realize that you are a tiny spec in the vast abundance of nature and many other adventurous yet soothing memories. Below are some of those memories.

Stage I – Rain

Day 1, we cycle from Banglore to Mysore, close to 180km. Neither my partner nor I have cycled such a distance during our training. We had our breakfast 40km down the route and soon entered Banglore-Mysore express highway[NH 275] after facing a some resistance from the toll gate guards(since we were cyclists). Both of us were excited, it was this day we had been training for almost 6 months. I asked my friend to take his GoPro out and mount it on his bike. He started recording small chunks of stretches and a few clips of me cycling front and back. Just around when we reached 65km, it started raining. For sure, it sounds relaxing, who does not like to go on a highway ride during rain while listening to melodies. But all that is good if you are in a cozy car, on a cycle the whole scenario could be life threatening. If you have not cycled on highways during rain, let me explain how it feels.

I have a road bike, a ACR(All Condition Riding) bike, with 25mm tubes. I have a bag that weighs close to 8kgs on my cantilever pannier rack, I was also wearing a 1kg backpack that consist of things that I could quickly reach out for in case of emergencies (first aid, spare parts, tubes, lights etc.). I had forgotten to keep my rain coat in my back pack and packed it in the rack bag. So I do not have a choice but to ride forward since there was no place to stop for shelter. We kept going, hoping the rain would stop soon. My glasses were covered with water droplets I could partially see through them. Fog and mud particle from the zooming heavy vehicles covers the vision. I had no idea what I was riding into.

Blurred vision being a challenge we had to fight through other things too, like wet clothes and uncovered wounds. Within minutes from when it started raining my clothes and bags had completely gotten wet and heavy. Everything suddenly became slow and sluggish. I stood up and aced through the immediate downhill reaching a speed of 68kph. The best moment of the whole day. I guess the wet cloths and bags would have increased the weight and in turn increased the road grip of the cycle compensating the lesser traction due to rain. But whatever, I had never cycled at this speed and my heart was pounding heavily.

Just when I was climbing up a small slope I looked down and saw that the cohesive nature of my tyres had carried and thrown all the small mud particles mixed with the water on my legs. He halted at a McD few meters away, we had our lunch just when the rain stopped. I was completely drained and had mud all over my body. After having lunch, I took bath at was basin in that McDonalds before we took off.

Stage II – Fear

Day 2, Coorg is our stop. We started off from Mysore after a long deep sleep. It was drizzling an we were already wet, at least this time I had my raincoat and other necessary things out with me. This time we faced adversity not in daylight, but late during night.

We had a few unplanned stops to rearrange my friends bags since he faced backpain. We ran out of sunlight sooner that day. We had to cycle through a small stretch of forest to reach the resort we booked. We could not find help from the locals since they were all afraid when we approached them in the darkness and avoided us. The 120 minutes I spent roaming in that dark forest with my cycle was one of the scariest experiences in my whole life. When we finally found our the place we had booked to stay in the middle of no where I felt so relieved. We found a group of people they who were drinking and partying. Those guys were kind enough to provide us some dinner and invited us to party with them. We danced, but did not strain much since we had 6 more days to go.

Stage III – Speed

Day 6, Ooty to Erode. I started this day wearing 3 shirts due to cold weather. We had our breakfast provided by a humble family at Ooty. 45km of downhill. Downhill is fun. Me and my friend started early at 6am. His breaks were loose and he could not risk speeding downhill, he stayed behind just like the routine. I never went below 50kph the whole time. Tackling through heavy government buses, quick bikers and tourist cars.

Slowly I bend my cycle road-ward to carve the upcoming right bend. I heard a sudden snap. The hook of the elastic chord had slipped off some how and hit the spokes of my back wheel. Within a blink of a second many things happened. I applied the breaks. My break shoes would not stop my tyers immedeatly due to the moisture on the rims. I slow down and eventually fall and the cord gets wounded into the wheel. I scratched my knees badly. I see blood pouring down my right knee. Strangely I liked the pain I made me feel alive. I quickly looked into the chord and removed the twined parts out. Looks like a jerk had undone it to snap. Bad luck. I started pedaling with no other option.

Stage IV – Heat

Day 6, we reached Mettupalayam after my accident. I took care of the first aid. The climate changed drastically from 12 degrees to 34 degrees celsious. I took off my additional t-shirts and kept heading ahead. This time we felt different we felt slow. We weren’t riding uphill. We weren’t tired cycling, in fact we had just started our day. It was the sun, the heat, the dehydration it cause. The sun is your second worst enemy while cycling while wind being first. We stopped at any places to take fresh juices and coconut water. We kept ourselves hydrated.

Soon we entered a man less road where I couldn’t find any help. I was tired and I have also had a couple of false alarms for my tube puncture. Around 1pm as I crossed a railway crossing I was pushed to my limits where I absolutely ran out of all the motivation to go further. I stopped looked back for my friend. Sat and leaned my back towards the parapet of the highway road. I wanted motivation. I was running low on my phone battery, low on edibles and water. I took out a pack of ENO an antacid relief powder you can have with water to cure indigestion. It had different flavors. I mixed it with the little water left. I kept sipping it once for every one kilometer. I did it for the next 15 kilometers burping all the way to the near by town to rest.

My Learning

As we all grow, we all some how sub consciously start learning how to deal with life. We learn how to make money, how to feed ourselves, how to stay out of trouble etc. This puts us in a routine which blinds us through the ever spirally loop of repeating actions/ habits. We live everyday just like the day before. We simply repeat. When you manage to break this routine and do something different, like travel, you get to face the adversity out there, unlike the same repetitive life that you are used to. The intensity with which you live increases, decisions you make become significant, mistakes you do counts big time.

Thus every man needs a break. A break in which he not only break the routine, but also collects memories and grows as a person.

It was around 11 am, surrounded by tall trees of pine forest on the way from Gudalur to Ooty. It was Day 5 of our trip and we had already ridden 570 km from home. As I cycled the elevation of Ooty mountain I looked to the sides of the roads and noted that I was just passing through the 33rd bend I had 56 more to cross. I looked back and realized that I had created a huge gap from my friend. He is falling behind, but I could not do anything about it. Each of us were fighting our own battles, after all he would have been only meters away from me, I thought.

State Road surrounded by tall pine trees of Gudalur Forest

My muscles were numb, I could feel my body temperature was higher than usual, I am struggling to climb this beast mountain. Who doesn’t. I convinced myself that I know the route for the next 15km and I wouldn’t get lost, I wanted to listen to songs badly in order to keep pushing myself forward. I switched off the GPS and put my earphone on.

Half an hour later I realized I hadn’t noticed the temple that I was suppose to pass by. I turned my GPS on again and found that I had missed a right and gotten stranded 5 km inside Mudhumalai forest. I was told by the locals to abscond that area as soon as possible, since it was mating season for the elephants and they would behave furious around that time. There aren’t electric fences to safeguard yourselves in that area. What am I going to do?

I hopped on to my saddle and started sprinting through the forest to get back on track. While pedaling hard through the ups and downs to flee that scene my tire hit a pothole and my back wheel got punctured. Cursing myself I quickly started carrying my 20 kg cycle and ran to the closest electric fence. It took me 5 minutes to change the spare tube and fix my flat tire. I told myself these two words “DON’T PANIC”.

Once I got back on track I kept cycling through the rural parts. I felt dead, my legs wont move anymore. Hunger had stricken. I only had 10 Rupees in my purse. We had spent all the cash at Wayanad for dinner and didn’t find any ATM to draw money. I found a small grocery store at Devarshola, smaller than the cabin in which I work. I explained my position in a language the store guy could only partially understand. He knew I needed food. He got that 10 rupees handed me a pack of biscuits worth 30 rupees. I thanked him, and tied the pack with a towel to my hip. I started eating those one by one, making slow progress in the distance. All I had to do is NOT PANIC. I kept pedaling for the rest of the day and reached Gudalur, where we had proper supper before we found ourselves a descent place to stay.

There were many instance as such during our 1200 km trip. And at these times where you loose your shit and start crapping your pants all that you require is to say yourself “DON’T PANIC”. I remember these instance very well and will not forget the learning I get. One learning I got from these experiences was that all the decisions that I took during this intense endeavors has attained a new level of significance. I had the need to decide properly where to eat, sleep, draw money, listen to songs etc.

On Day 7 when we were on the highway moving from Dharmapuri to Erode. I was stopped by a Police man. He asked me about my trip and why I was doing it. I told him my story and expected him to motivate. On contrary he told something that broke my confidence. He told that an old man with his grand son had been cycling on the highway. One of the huge trailers had loosened it’s side rivet and slipped off and crushed them. Both old man and the kid had died then and there. I didn’t know them personally, but the story shook me. It is when I realized that how much ever you precisely calculate and make decision, there are few things you can’t control. This uncertainty exists universally and cannot be manipulated. It was neither the old man’s mistake since he was trying to drop his grandson at school and taking only his regular route nor the driver’s mistake that the rusted rivet would break apart and topple the whole trailer. At this point I started strongly believing that all the decision that I take could only be the best. I am where I am supposed to be. Hence forth I never expect anything to be absolutely controlled in my life, and while facing situation that makes me crap my pant I don’t scream and cry for help I simply smile and say to my self “DON’T PANIC” !

Watch this: Learn to Travel. Travel to Learn

Distance: 150km [includes10km uphill]

Duration: 8hrs-10hrs [includes breaks]

Location: Banglore Whitefield – Nandi Hills [to and fro]

” Is it lack of imagination that makes us come  to imagined places, not just stay at home? “

As a small prototype, which should help us train for our big Project 1200km.

Key Learning:

Uphill is a different ball game compared to flat road riding. It took us near to 2 hours just for the last 2kms of uphill riding. Both my partner and I have beaten the pulp out of ourselves by the time we reached uphill. The attention, cheer and motivation of other tourist biker definitely motivated us.

After this uphill riding experience we decided to treat the uphill day a little different from flat road days with respect to target distance to be covered, diet, body conditioning etc.


  • Started around 01:20 am to cover the trip
  • We were chased several time by stray dogs. If we had to count the number of dogs we were chased by last night while doing this, it would be higher than the total of the number time I was chased by dogs in my whole life time
  • I lost focus for a split second. Fell down and hurt my thigh. It was a scratch open wound. Used my hand sanitizer to wipe off the dirt and clean the wound since it was 3.30 am in the morning an there were no medical shops near by. Got help from locals in the later part of the day to get it treated and dressed
  • Uphill took 2 hours to cover. Downhill took 7 minutes
  • Reached a new maximum speed in my cycle 53 km/hr
  • Auro lost his shit, felt very tired on the way back, suffered from extreme body pain. This was because of his lack of sleep from previous night. Bad planning/ discipline affects team work

Into the clouds


There were a lot of thoughts that sparked during this trip. Some were:

  1. Why must everyone start a difficult personal physical project?
  2. How being competent is being the default mode?
  3. Goal setting vs System setting: What approach is good for what?

These thoughts are the currency that I get out of these activities. I love to think deeply. In fact, this is the whole point to starting this project. Check out “Why I decided to go on a 1200km cycle expedition”

You can expect posts on the above topics soon. I have let it incubate in my mind for some time. While these are in progress, I am trying out an new experiment of meditating for 10 minutes everyday after waking up. Check out other experiments. 

Left: Auro Lakshman Right: Naveen Virinchi

Not I, not any one else can travel that road for you,

You must travel it for yourself.

It is not far, it is within reach,

Perhaps you have been on it since you were born and did not know,

Perhaps it is everywhere on water and on land.

                                                       -Walt Whitman

Possessions control our behavior. Behaviors displays character. It is very important to understand the dynamics of possessions and its effects in our life. Possessions change from time to time, but we can classify them into three major aspects  human possessions – possession over certain person(a strong sense of attachment), habitual possessions – possession over few habits or practices(a source of hobby, addiction or passion), and finally material possession – attachment over things (drawing pleasure out of materiel consumption).

People do not address their way of living in terms of these three categories. If you are try to improve your lifestyle and get over a few things to up the experience, a vivid perception over your possessions is necessary.


This is an interesting subject to think about. You can consider the people you already are in relationship with or someone who you want to get close with. Whoever it may be they certainly do have a large influence on how you behave when they are around or not. Honestly, if you feel the person you are trying to establish a connection with is forcing you to alter your natural flow, it might not be the right possession and sub consciously you are forcing yourself to becoming someone else apart form you in order to attain your goal.


Naturally we are after pleasure of any kind. It is really rare or nearly impossible to find some one who intentionally is after pain. Habits we develop, comes in handy to drive us towards the pleasures. In course we develop good habits, bad habits, hobbies, rituals etc. Categorizing the habits and thoroughly examining if it is progressive or not is essential to decide what is good and not good for your situation.


Material possession influences the way we behave too. If not the term “rich behavior” wont make any sense. Being conscious on your needs and wants is important. Consuming excessively only makes you lost in the unclear thoughts through distraction. Minimalism is something I insist people to follow in order to get started with taking control over their material possessions. Read more on minimalism.

I find minimalism extremely useful. For me being a minimalist is being on a course of correction. A process of restraining ourselves from becoming slaves to the impulses caused by marketing and advertising. We should keep ourselves from buying products we do not NEED.

Minimalism is so synonymous with the idea of this blog (the live.the.infinity idea) because it basically teaches you to master and take control over the material possessions that you develop.  is a really cool place to learn and follow minimalism.  They have their own podcasts, campaigns, and books! Really cool folks, who have taken the idea of spreading minimalism very seriously after understanding how much powerful and beneficial it is.

Talking about that, I too find it extremely useful. It was a little hard to start and adapt to this lifestyle. But you get a hang of it and it becomes a very helpful. We live in a world where people m follow one religion in common, consumerism. We buy stuff we do not need to impress people we do not like. We are in the age of being fooled by great advertisements. Creative marketing is taking over the world, they are succeeding at a very high rate.

Being minimalist not only pertains to actual physical products, then also include digital products (social media and other apps). We must know when to draw the line and distinguish between usage by intention and compulsion. Being minimalistic with app/phone usage teaches you how to master your time and attention. Why so? This because the only motive for these apps is to get your attention and make you use the app for as long as possible and make money out of it and they do whatever it takes to make it happen. Once you understand this, you must start working on this. But you need to understand it takes a lot of self-control and discipline to master your subconscious which is getting fooled every day by this attention seeking apps.

Thus minimalism it is our solution for mastering our material possession. More related to this to come.

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